Why Do You Care?

Founding a company is hard. Every vision needs a why.


"Why do you care so much about people getting access to homeownership? I heard your generation doesn't want to buy homes?"

First, that's not what the data says and COVID has allowed many of us to work remotely and buy in more affordable areas (not SF or NYC). Secondly, interest rates are below 3%, student debt is the #1 barrier and lastly, personal finance is PERSONAL.

I thought long and hard why homeownership is so near and dear to me.

I vividly remember during midterms while at Barnard/Columbia (on mostly scholarship), my father called and asked to borrow money. I was stressed out, said no to him for the first time ever, and thought, "I already gave you tons of my babysitting money."

The next week he called to tell me he was trying to stay a night at a shelter in Las Vegas. He spent the next 3 months hopping from shelter to shelter before he started to live in a motel, which is where you live when you don't have a security deposit for an apartment.

I was so happy to finally have "my" own cork-wall dorm room and little did I know that seeded my desire with wanting to call a place "home".

I now own a real estate portfolio because I saved every penny, Airbnb-ed, and hosted guests from around the world to secure more and more down payments. All while figuring out how to fund education access for upskill workers on federal funds at my job. My work was widely-recognized and got me a Gates fellowship.

So, the answer to why I care is real estate has given me the freedom to start LoanSense and show my generation how to intelligently move from student debt to homeownership. I learned the hacks and can't wait to help people crush debt and get home!


I’ve been a VC and I’ve been a successful entrepreneur. I know first hand that the role of the capital allocator matters.

Capital allocators decide which visions get funded and where we invest our finite time. With Avalanche VC, I will find the most ambitious entrepreneurs and catalyze their companies with capital.

Faster. Bolder. More ambitious.

Investors who do the work and have conviction, particularly early, can create the avalanches that we need to push our society forward.

The most respected capital allocators crowd-in capital, relationships, and belief.

I believe that my voice matters. That my judgement, creativity, and honesty can add value to will the future into existence.


I founded Tribute because I experienced firsthand the inequities of company sponsored mentoring programs. Not only are they offered to only a select few, most assume that only Executives and Directors at the top have knowledge to share within the organization.

This is fundamentally untrue.

Knowledge is everywhere.

We know that our lived experiences hold an enormous amount of untapped wisdom and knowledge. What was always missing for me was a trusted forum by which to share this knowledge, anytime, anywhere, when I needed it most.

By elevating the stories, lived experiences and wisdom of everyone in the organization, Tribute creates a more inclusive workplace where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive. This is the future of workplace productivity.

Dylan & Justin

Growing up, we felt a desire to create our own path and live life on our own terms. Looking for help and direction, we started to ask questions, try new things, and seek out those equally excited about chasing their dreams.

In 2014, we started Next Gen HQ to help others just like us - people looking to design the lives they want to live. Living on your own terms (we call that entrepreneurship!) is really, really hard. It’s daunting, risky, and complicated. We know all too well. Though we - like you - believe chasing our dream is worth it.

We are proud to serve a community of entrepreneurs with guided learnings, curated resources, and an empowering community to help you overcome the obstacles that get in the way of freedom and success. Next Gen HQ creates media, hosts programming, invests capital, and provides services to empower entrepreneurs, giving them the momentum they need to win at business and life.

We’re grateful for where we’ve come, and know this is just the beginning of where we’ll go. Here’s to taking ownership of our journey, growing 1% each day, and chasing our dreams together. Now that's momentum.